Daniel Lentz

DanApart from being the self-proclaimed “Shoe String King of Portland,” Dan is a genius of sorts.

He could take apart almost anything and know how it functions and how to fix it if need be.

When he’s not working he’s studying anything from how to make a stone tumbling machine to how to make a lightening bolt in a bottle.

He cares immensely for his wife and two daughters and would be there to help any of his friends or family at the drop of a pin.

He believes in Go Green and Reuse & Recycle. A perfect fit for a repair business!


Marisa Lentz-Ingalls

MarisaMarisa is Dan’s daughter (Steve’s granddaughter).

After high school, she knew she needed to be doing something where her brain wouldn’t shut down and go through the motions.

In shoe repair she sees something different every day, and she wouldn’t change a thing about that.

She’s much like Dan in the fact that she intensely studies her interests and her work.

A lot of the pictures you’ll see on the site are from her side of the bench!