Daniel Lentz

Apart from being the self-proclaimed “Shoe String King of Portland,” Dan could take apart almost anything and know how it functions and how to fix it if need be. He believes in Go Green and Reuse & Recycle. A perfect fit for a repair business!

Ryan Lentz

Ryan is our beloved “zipper fixer”, “patcher-upper”, “dog-damage extraordinaire” stitcher. He’s been a part of the shop since 2013. His days are often spent slow dancing with our Claes patcher machine and ripping seams at his desk. When he’s not fixing your items at the shop, he likes whittling and wood crafting.

Trans rights!

Liz Lentz

Liz is Dan’s youngest child and our shoe shiner/front desk service. A recent 2018 graduate of Deering, she has discovered that trade work is much preferred over college. She has been studying shoe making since 2016 and has made over 15 pairs so far. She plans on taking an intensive shoe making course at Brooklyn Shoe Space.